Life Shelter


Lifeshelter offers a safe and secure shelter resistant to all weather conditions and is complying with the UN standards for recommended minimum living area for a family of 5 people. It is constructed with insulating panels offering sturdy construction, sound insulation, and lockable doors.

“Lifeshelter is dedicated to improving living standards for refugees and internally displaced populations by providing sustainable and dignified low-cost shelter solutions.”

- Jakob Christensen, COO & founder

Key specifications (for a 4m version, from, noting that other specifications can be made by Lifeshelter):

  • Expected life span: 15+ years

    Assembly time: 16 hours / 2 people

    Floor area: from 18 square metres

    Dimensions: H: 2.20 m, W: 3.75 m, L: 4.72 m

    Wind speed resistance: 120 km/h / 32.6 m/s

    Panel weight: 11 kg

    Total weight: 350 kg

    Container (40 ft. HC): 34 shelters

In 2019 a team from Lifeshelter and The University of Bath assembled the latest prototype at the Building Research Park. Images and a timelapse from the construction can be seen below:


The shelter is instrumented with sensing for temperature and relative humidity. The data collected from these sensors will be used to inform our thermal modelling work. As publications using these data become available, we will link to them here.

Further images