Research objectives

This project will pave the way to a transformative new science of shelter design based on multicriteria optimisation that puts the social well being, health and thermal comfort of the shelter occupants at the center of the process and allows an agile response. It uses the current shelter occupants as part of the research team, rather than just a cohort to study. Our research objectives (RO) are:

  • RO1: Complete the largest ever uniform linked thermal, air quality, and social study in five camps. Collect the views of camp occupants and aid agencies on possible shelter improvements and limitations.
  • RO2: Create an optimisation process that will seek to improve living conditions in displacement camps through the creation of low-cost, easy to construct housing that moderates temperature while providing dignified living and customary domestic and intracommunity relations.
  • RO3: Prototype, measure, and develop shelter solutions using novel combinations of conventional and non-conventional materials appropriate for a range of climatic, social, political, and economic conditions.
  • RO4: Create a methodology for the future creation of new designs as technologies change, new disasters occur and further data is collected by all actors.
  • RO5: Develop a two-way process of architectural design suitable for working with displaced people who may have suffered personal and societal breakdown.

We will meet these objectives through four work packages, described here