The project has four major interlinked Work Packages that deliver the research objectives, each of which has engineering and social science elements.

Work package 1: Field-based measurements

led by Dr jason hart

WP1 will gather data by measuring indoor environmental quality and undertaking social surveys in four different climatic zones in summer and winter conditions and by engaging government and NGO actors

Work package 2: modelled solutions

Led by dr sukumar natarajan

WP2 will develop the science behind thermal modelling of lightweight buildings in extreme environments, and their effects on humans, validated by data obtained in Work Package 1.

Work package 3: physical solutions

led by dr john orr

WP3 will create physical buildings, using novel combinations of conventional and non-conventional materials and prototyping in a range of climatic conditions.

Work Package 4: A Displaced-person-led Science of Shelter Design

led by dr kemi adeyeye

WP4 will initiate a new science of shelter design and investigate new methods for the exchange of design information between researchers and camp residents