UK Shelter Forum hosted by the University of Bath in collaboration with CRS, 9 - 10 May 2019

This year, the Forum’s theme of “Health and Shelter” will cover a wide range of topics and areas of interest and concern, including issues that relate to both psychological and physical health and well being.

The Technical Workshop on the 9th May will consist of three breakouts, broadly based on the following themes:

1. Disease - vectors/WASH/waterborne/smoke/IAQ/health & environment

2. Comfort - thermal/ventilation/light/energy/ventilation

3. Social & Psychological - culture/dignity/GBV/livelihood

The Meeting on the 10th May will consider issues of shelter from a Health Sector perspective and how this could influence the way we work. There will be opportunities for presentations and discussions on technical, policy, and programmatic subjects. The agenda will be produced based on the submissions of the participants, with priority given to those that adhere to the theme.

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