Construction Photos and Timelapse

The SheltAir design (by Gregory Quinn, University of the Arts Berlin) facilitates the erection of a gridshell structure by means of inflating a membrane cushion which is initially assembled at ground level. After the inflation and securing of the gridshell, the membrane cushion is repurposed forming an architectural envelope that provides weather protection. The gridshell structure is extremely stiff with high structural redundancy. The interior design provides over 100 hanging points for decoration using partition curtains, lights, utensils, and so on, to create a versatile interior space. The shape of the gridshell is designed to maximise natural ventilation using air vents. Insulation, thermal mass and further skins could be added to the gridshell's exterior if necessary. The SheltAir system is modular, transportable and mountable without the need for lifting aids. The design takes inspiration from Bedouin architecture, evoking imagery of both tradition and nature but realised using state-of-the-art engineering.

Construction of the SheltAir prototype was successfully completed between 24-27 September 2018.


Gregory Quinn (Designer)

With assistance in construction from:

Francis Moran
Valeria Cascione
Daniel Fosas De Pando
Antiopi Koronaki

Construction timelapse:

Inflation Timelapse:

Interview with Greg Quinn (SheltAir Designer), during the assembly phase: